Why am I running for Orlando City Commissioner for District 1?

City of Orlando District 1 Map

City of Orlando District 1 Map – Yellow

As a lifelong resident of Orlando, I genuinely care about my neighbors and our local businesses. I cringe when I hear and read about highly restrictive regulations that go against entrepreneurship and the operation of our local businesses. I am very disturbed when I see the lack of fiscal responsibility and nonexistent basic research on issues. I cannot stand when inaction and lack of oversight ultimately costs tax payers thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I want to change all of the above and will support positive solutions for safer neighborhoods, affordable housing, transportation, and the overall efficiency of our local government. I support term limits for all elected positions to include the City of Orlando – which has no term limits whosoever. We need new “blood” to enter the City of Orlando political bloodstream in order to foster new ideas, approaches, and to break away from the quid pro quo “something for something” policy maneuvering of the past.

A vote for Bill Moore is a vote for integrity, ethics, and the willingness to hold the line when necessary.

District 1 Map with Neighborhoods

District 1 Map

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