Downtown Orlando Business Owners Converge

Downtown Orlando Business Owners Converge

Bill Moore listening to business owners

Downtown Orlando Business Owners Converge

City Commissioners vote on issues that impact residents and businesses city-wide, not just in their Districts.

On Thursday, August 5, 2021, I spoke to downtown restaurant and bar owners about my campaign, the need for Orlando City Council to provide equitable treatment for ALL downtown venues, and the highly restrictive ordinance on sound/music negatively impacting their businesses, which in-turn can negatively impact their employees ability to work.

My opponent voted for a new city ordinance (2021-39) that equates SOUND from restaurants and bars to causing crime in downtown Orlando. A conclusion made without a study. A conclusion made, quite possibly, for special interests. A conclusion that was rubber-stamped by Orlando City Commissioner Jim Gray; a self-proclaimed ‘businessman.’

What prevents City Council from extending this highly restrictive ‘sound’ ordinance on College Park, Lake Baldwin, Lake Nona, or any other location within the city? Absolutely nothing. If you are a business owner in the hospitality industry, you need to take note. Your revenues could be in jeopardy in the future. Be like me, support your fellow restaurant and bar owners in downtown Orlando.

It’s time for a change. Your voice will be heard, only if you Vote Bill Moore for Orlando City Commissioner, District 1 on November 2, 2021.

Please visit my website:
Twitter: @votebillmoore
Instagram: @votebillmoore
Use hashtag: #votebillmoore

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bill Moore, nonpartisan candidate for Orlando City Commissioner, District 1.
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Experience and Education Matters

Experience and Education Matters


Experience and Education Matters

Lifelong Resident Serves Residents


     Bill Moore was born and raised in Orlando, FL, volunteered in the community as a teenager, and later became an Orlando Police Officer in 1993.  Prior to becoming an Orlando Police Officer, Bill held a civilian position as a Police Cadet. Collectively, Bill has participated in law enforcement operations and criminal investigations for over 26 years in Orlando, FL.  Bill retired from the Orlando Police Department in December of 2013 and continued to serve residents of Orange County in the capacity of an appointment as a Reserve Orlando Police Officer.  Then in March of 2015, Bill resigned his appointment of Reserve Orlando Police Officer and ran for political office as a candidate for Orange County Commissioner, District 3 for 2016, who sought to provide for a safer Orange County and sustained, responsible, economic growth.  While Bill did not win the 2016 election against the incumbent, he did garner the second highest percentage of votes.  Bill continues to volunteer and board member for a non-profit organization.

     In November of 2014, Bill was elected to the position of State Trustee for the Fraternal Order of Police Orlando Lodge 25, Inc., which represents over 720 Orlando Police Officers, and began serving in that capacity in January of 2015. Prior to the State Trustee position, Bill served as the Treasurer and managed the FOP Orlando Lodge 25 finances for over 17 consecutive years. During that time, Bill was instrumental in coordinating the construction of the new FOP Meeting Hall valued at over a half million dollars at that time and has increased in value over the years. In addition to managing the non-profit’s finances, Bill also served as a board member on the Labor Committee, which is instrumental in contract negotiations and representing officers in administrative investigations conducted by the Orlando Police Department’s Internal Affairs Section.

     William “Bill” Moore became a Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in Florida and member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors, and the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.  Bill served on the Orlando Regional Realtor Association’s Government Affairs and New Member Services Committees, along with the Professional Development Forum.  As a REALTOR®, Bill works with brokers of Alpha Real Estate of Central Florida, LLC to locate residential and commercial real estate for buyers, sellers, and those who may want to lease or rent properties.

Experience and Education

     During Bill’s law enforcement career at the Orlando Police Department, assignment as a Task Force Agent to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, and volunteer service with the Fraternal Order of Police, he has acquired specialty training and experience in the following areas:

  • Interception of Data and Oral Communication (wiretaps)/Legal Considerations
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Forensic Examination of Digital Media
  • Forensic Examination of Mobile Devices
  • Electronic Evidence Collection
  • Administration of Computer Networks
  • Economic Crime
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Union Representative; compliance with Police Officer Bill of Rights, Department Policies, and Contractual Language
  • Non-Profit Administrative and Financial Compliance with regulatory agencies


Master of Arts, Security Management with Distinction (Magna Cum Laude)
American Public University System – American Military University
Dates attended: 2007 – 2009

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration
Columbia College
Orlando Campus
Dates attended: 2000 – 2002

Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
FL License: SL3386034
May 2017 to Present

Criminal Justice Standards & Training Certificate
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Certification Date: May 1993

Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Incident Command Systems
Certification Date: 2001, 2002

Certified Technical Investigator (CTI)
National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA)
License 21-072407
Certification Date: July 2010 – July 2013

Certified Cellebrite Unified Forensic Extraction Device Mobile Device Examiner
Cellebrite License C001074
Certification Date: July 2012

Certified Cellebrite Unified Forensic Extraction Device Physical Examiner
Cellebrite License P000958
Certification Date: July 2012


Realtor® – Alpha Real Estate of Central Florida, LLC
Dates Employed: May 2017 – Present

William “Bill” Moore
Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate
FL License: SL3386034

Alpha Real Estate of Central Florida, LLC
423 West Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32789
FL License: CQ1039886

Assistant Director & Treasurer – Volunteer
Fraternal Order of Police District 7, Inc.
Dates of Service: Jul 2013 – Present

Bill was appointed as the Assistant Director and Treasurer to the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge District 7 in July of 2013. In addition to assisting the Director in administrative duties, Bill also serves as the Treasurer for this non-profit organization and monitors Solicitation activity conducted on behalf of District 7. Prior to his appointment to Assistant Director, Bill volunteered to monitor Solicitation activity by becoming a member of the District 7 Solicitation Committee and has been doing so since October of 2011.

District 7 is an entity formed and authorized by the Florida State Lodge for the purpose of providing mid-level management of the FOP Lodges operating within the Central Florida region; commonly known as District 7. The FOP Lodges operating in the following counties: Brevard, Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia counties are overseen by the Board of Directors for District 7. There are currently seven FOP Districts operating in Florida. Each Director, from the seven Districts, serves as an Executive Officer for the FOP Florida State Lodge and assists the Florida State Lodge President and other Executive Officers in operational activities occurring within the state.

State Trustee – Volunteer
Fraternal Order of Police Orlando Lodge #25, Inc.
5505 Hansel Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809
Dates of Service: Jan 2015 – January 2020

A volunteer position on the Executive Board of F.O.P. Lodge #25 and reserved for tenured members who have experience of Lodge operations and administrative tasks. Responsible for attending F.O.P. State Conferences, monitoring legislation benefiting or adversely affecting law enforcement officers, and voting on matters affecting the overall operations of the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge and the subordinate Lodges throughout the state.

Treasurer – Lodge – Volunteer
Fraternal Order of Police Orlando Lodge #25, Inc.
5505 Hansel Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809
Dates of Service: 1998 – Jan 2015

Bill was initially appointed to the Executive Board as the Treasurer in 1998 and subsequently re-elected by members until moving on to the State Trustee position. While serving as the Treasurer, Bill was responsible for managing the financial, operational, and fundraising activities.

Patrol Officer
City of Orlando, Orlando Police Department
100 S. Hughey Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801
Dates of Service/Assignment: Aug 2012 – Dec 2013 (Retired, December 2013)
North Sector, C/A Midnight Patrol
East Sector, I/A Day Patrol

Re-assigned to Patrol and considered a Senior Officer responsible for responding to in-progress crimes, reported crimes, mentoring recruits when Field Training Officers are unavailable, and initiating police reports after compiling factual information from victims, witnesses, and suspects.

Treasurer – Labor (Union)
Fraternal Order of Police Orlando Lodge #25, Inc.
5505 Hansel Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809
Orlando, FL 32809
Dates of Service: Jun 1996 – Dec 2013

Bill served on the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #25’s Labor Committee (Union) Board as Treasurer until he retired from the Orlando Police Department in December of 2013. Bill was responsible for managing the financial activity of the Labor Committee.

Task Force Agent, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI)
Orlando Police Department/Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI)
Dates of Service: Sep 2001 – Aug 2012

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) is a permanent, multi-agency task force which was formed in Central Florida in December of 1978. The founding member agencies of the MBI are the State Attorney of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the Orlando Police Department.

The MBI was conceived to fill the need for a cooperative effort to combat criminal activities which were organized, well-financed, and operated freely across jurisdictional lines of the existing law enforcement agencies. The MBI was created as a specialized group of investigators assigned to concentrate on narcotics trafficking, organized crime, racketeering, and vice-related offenses such as prostitution, gambling, and human trafficking.

Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
Vice/Organized Crime Section; Electronic Surveillance & Technical Investigations – Agent

Primarily responsible for utilizing emerging electronic surveillance technologies to gather sufficient evidence to support investigation and prosecution efforts by managing, maintaining, and operating the MBI/FDLE Electronic Surveillance Center. Additional areas of responsibility include investigating complex criminal cases requiring the collection and distribution of information targeting vice, narcotics, and organized criminal enterprises, obtaining and serving legal process as a State Attorney Investigator, obtaining and serving court orders, and managing various computer networks necessary for successful operations at the task force to include security asset control and implementing network intrusion prevention systems. Also responsible for supplementing supervisory roles as the Assistant Squad Leader and managing the squad in the absence of the supervisor.

Special Federal Officer/United States Custom Officer – Task Force Agent
Orlando Police Department/U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Orlando, FL
Dates of Service/Assignment: Sep 2011 – Aug 2012

The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) ensures the homeland is safe, secure, and protects the United States from terrorism and other hazards by coordinating efforts with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, the private sector, and other nongovernmental organizations. The homeland security strategy is designed around security, resilience, customs and exchange. Along with maturing and strengthening homeland security overall, there are five distinct homeland security missions:

  • Prevent terrorism and enhancing security;
  • Secure and manage our borders;
  • Enforce and administer our immigration laws;
  • Safeguard and secure cyberspace;
  • Ensure resilience to disasters;

In July of 2010, the Department of Homeland Security instituted the Blue Campaign as the unified voice to combat human trafficking. Working in collaboration with law enforcement, government, non-governmental and private organizations, the Blue Campaign strives to protect the basic right of freedom and to bring those who exploit human lives to justice.

A simultaneous assignment and deputized as a Special Federal Officer/United States Custom Officer while serving at the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation as a Task Force Agent. Serving as a U.S. Customs Officer and technical liaison responsible for promoting homeland security and public safety by utilizing criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration with an emphasis on combating human trafficking as a task force member and participant in the DHS Blue Campaign. Also responsible for maintaining and deploying appropriate electronic surveillance technologies necessary to gather sufficient evidence to support investigation and prosecution efforts of alleged criminal enterprises engaged in racketeering, conspiracy, narcotics, firearms, human trafficking, and other federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration.

Special Federal Officer/Special Deputy – U.S. Marshal, Task Force Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Department of Justice
Orlando, FL
Dates of Service/Assignment: Dec 2008 – Dec 2010

The Central Florida Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force pursues violent gangs through sustained, proactive, coordinated investigations to obtain prosecutions under the U.S. Code, Titles 18 and 21, including violations such as racketeering, drug conspiracy, and firearms violations. The Safe Streets Task Force concept expands cooperation and communication among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, increasing productivity and avoiding duplication of investigative efforts.

Special Federal Officer/Special Deputy-U.S. Marshal, Task Force Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force
Orlando, FL
Dates of Service/Assignment:  2008-2010

A simultaneous assignment and deputized as a Special Federal Officer/Special Deputy, U.S. Marshal while serving at the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation as a Task Force Agent. Serving as a technical liaison responsible for maintaining and deploying appropriate electronic surveillance technologies necessary to gather sufficient evidence to support investigation and prosecution efforts of alleged criminal enterprises involving racketeering, conspiracy, narcotics, and firearms.

Detective, Orlando Police Department
Economic Crimes
Orlando Police Department Criminal Investigative Division
Dates of Service/Assignment: Oct 1998 – Sep 2001

Criminal Investigative Division Detective assigned to the Special Investigations Section, Economic Crimes Unit. Primarily responsible for investigating complex criminal cases such as Fraud, Computer Crime, and Identity Theft. Performed interviews of witnesses and victims, interrogations of suspects, and analytically reviewed the facts and related evidence for reliability and accuracy; where a determination of probable cause existed the appropriate At-Large Charges were filed with the Orange/Osceola State Attorney’s Office and Applications for Search and Arrest Warrants were applied for when necessary. Also responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of the crimes investigated by each unit within the Special Investigations Section, including but not limited to: Physical Abuse and Neglect of Children, Sexual Abuse of Children, Suspected Stranger Abductions, Parental Abductions, Lost or Missing Children, Missing Adults, Sexual Battery, Forgery, Embezzlement, Fraud, Check Kiting, Credit Card Crimes, Credit Card Security Features, Street Counterfeits, Fraudulent Checks, Photographic Identification.

Special Federal Officer/Special Deputy-U.S. Marshal, Task Force Agent
Central Florida Economic Crimes Counterfeit Task Force
United States Secret Service
Dates of Service/Assignment: 1999-2001

A simultaneous assignment and deputized while serving in the Orlando Police Department Economic Crimes Unit and responsible for assisting with task force investigations, surveillance, and referring criminal cases to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Patrol Officer
Orlando Police Department
West & East Patrol
Dates of Service/Assignment: Oct 1993 – Sep 1998

Responsible for responding to in-progress crimes, reported crimes, and initiating police reports after compiling factual information from victims, witnesses, and occasionally from suspects. Also responsible for supplementing supervisory roles of the Squad Sergeant as the Assistant Squad Leader and managing the squad in the absence of the Sergeant. Also served as a Field Training Officer.

Police Cadet
Orlando Police Department
Dates of Service: Jan 1991 – Oct 1993

A civilian position for full time students seeking a career in law enforcement.  Rotational assignments throughout the Orlando Police Department to include Criminal Investigative Division, Report Review Unit, Planning and Evaluation, Community Relations, Records, Communications, etc.



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     Thank you very much.

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By Vote, Commissioner Gray Says Sound Causes Crime

By Vote, Commissioner Gray Says Sound Causes Crime


By Vote, Commissioner Jim Gray Says Sound Causes Crime!

Stop The Madness, wait

Stop The Rubber-Stamping Madness!

No, sound does not cause crime Commissioner Jim Gray! The problem is the lack of law enforcement resources to prevent the crime in the first place, which lays squarely at the feet of City Council. Commissioner Gray, along with the rest of Orlando City Council, could have publicly announced their support for Orlando Police Officers and encouraged them to make arrests and to proactively patrol the downtown corridor. An interim fix, instead of an income-crippling ordinance, could have been one of the following: alter police officer’s shift assignments, modify patrol hours, pay overtime for extra patrol time in downtown, or bring back the Downtown Detail of police officers on every corner. Let police officers do their job, declare unlawful assemblies if necessary, and control the problem.

American Audiology Noise Chart

American Audiology Noise Chart

Instead, Commissioner Gray voted against downtown business owners and for a income-killing ordinance (2021-39) that was crafted to limit the amount of sound audible outdoors (even if the sound escapes indoor operations) to 70db at all times in the Downtown Entertainment District. How loud is 70db? According to the American Academy of Audiology, 70db is the same as sound from a vacuum cleaner and highway traffic. Amazingly, by vote, Commissioner Gray says sound causes crime. The reality is that business owners are the scapegoats to ‘buy time,’ to enact solutions to curb crime in downtown – by using a moratorium on sound. Sounds a bit silly to me.

How It Works – City Style

You see, the Chief of Police is an appointed official, who answers to the Mayor and Orlando City Council. So, if Orlando City Council had communicated unwavering support for enforcement of local ordinances and state laws, then the Chief of Police would feel good and pass those feel-good feelings on to the police officers who keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe. When police officers know their community leaders support them, it energizes the officers. Such support puts the bad guys and gals on notice – don’t break the law. Don’t act out downtown. 

Historically, Orlando City Council went down the road of failing to commit the necessary funding and resources to attract, recruit, and retain qualified law enforcement professionals. Sure they approved funding for a few additional police officers but it wasn’t a major initiative. It definitely wasn’t enough to keep up with retirements, resignations, and terminations. They also didn’t want to entertain ShotSpotter to curb violent crime involving firearms. Yet, Mayor Dyer highlights a murder in downtown Orlando, involving a firearm, as one of the incidents sparking this ordinance. Hindsight is 20/20, but it’s never too late to implement crime fighting initiatives like the Downtown Detail or ShotSpotter, both of which would be proactive solutions.

Admissions That Crime Is Not Down

So, here we are in 2021, and City Officials finally admit law enforcement resources are not adequate in the City of Orlando and state as much in relevant parts of City Ordinance (2021-39); to wit:

WHEREAS, there has been an increase in criminal activity in the Downtown Entertainment Area within the last several months; and

WHEREAS, the street party atmosphere creates a need for additional law enforcement resources; and

WHEREAS, the overcrowded public rights-of-way present a variety of challenges to the public health, safety, and welfare by making it more difficult to provide safe and efficient law enforcement services; and

Scapegoat Day In The City

On June 7, 2021, the entire Orlando City Council, including Commissioner Jim Gray, voted unanimously to pass the ordinance (2021-39). On that day, Orlando business owners became the scapegoats for the increase in crime – because their venues provided too much sound. Say what? Yes, Orlando City Council used the increase in crime as justification to enact burdensome regulations against our downtown businesses. These are the same downtown businesses that are already struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Orlando City Council’s actions will, in turn, impact employment. Business owners appeared before Orlando City Council and even wrote a letter, endorsed by various downtown business owners, providing alternatives and how such an ordinance would impact their business. Their pleas for reasonableness fell on deaf ears.

My Vote Is No, Here’s Why

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. If I were to vote on this ordinance, it would be a NO at the onset because lawmakers are backing into a solution without proper foundation or basis to conclude ordinance (2021-39) would discourage crowds from forming in downtown Orlando in the first place. In fact, the ordinance language states they need to “investigate” the issue.

WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Orlando (the “Orlando City Council”) hereby finds that the temporary moratorium imposed by this ordinance is being imposed for a reasonable duration intended to give the City the time reasonably necessary to investigate the impacts of sound amplification devices in the public rights-of-way of the Downtown Entertainment Area, and if necessary, to promulgate reasonable regulations relating to such devices; and

Furthermore, the ordinance is discriminatory to businesses downtown, forces those business owners to alter their operations to the detriment of their profitability, employment will be limited or diminish substantially, and cause operational problems with already acquired assets. This is not an exhaustive list but demonstrates the negative impact to business owners who have families to support as well. Moreover, their employees may even lose their job.

Timeline, Study Underway

On June 7, 2021, City Ordinance (2021-39) titled, “Ordinance No. 2021-39 Placing a Moratorium on Outdoor Speaker Permits on or over the City’s Rights-of-Way within the Downtown Entertainment District for approximately six months, and allowing the City Council to set Sidewalk Café hours by Resolution (Economic Development) was adopted by a unanimous vote of Orlando City Council. The ordinance is set to terminate on January 31, 2022 or the moratorium can be terminated at an earlier date, which we all know is less than likely to occur. The study is to be completed by January 31, 2022 as well.

Why just downtown? It very well could be amended to include other areas like the Lake Nona district and Baldwin Park that are thriving right now.

Petition Opposing Ordinance

For more information and to sign the petition opposing the ordinance and seeking its early termination, visit: Click here to sign the petition.

New City Commissioner Candidate – Bill Moore

New City Commissioner Candidate – Bill Moore

Why am I running for Orlando City Commissioner for District 1?

City of Orlando District 1 Map

City of Orlando District 1 Map – Yellow

As a lifelong resident of Orlando, I genuinely care about my neighbors and our local businesses. I cringe when I hear and read about highly restrictive regulations that go against entrepreneurship and the operation of our local businesses. I am very disturbed when I see the lack of fiscal responsibility and nonexistent basic research on issues. I cannot stand when inaction and lack of oversight ultimately costs tax payers thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I want to change all of the above and will support positive solutions for safer neighborhoods, affordable housing, transportation, and the overall efficiency of our local government. I support term limits for all elected positions to include the City of Orlando – which has no term limits whosoever. We need new “blood” to enter the City of Orlando political bloodstream in order to foster new ideas, approaches, and to break away from the quid pro quo “something for something” policy maneuvering of the past.

A vote for Bill Moore is a vote for integrity, ethics, and the willingness to hold the line when necessary.

District 1 Map with Neighborhoods

District 1 Map

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