QuiInspect Candidate Host Committee Lists For Strings

     Controlling StringsOur current Commissioner’s “Whose Who” Host Committee list for an upcoming fundraiser is complete with those same ‘ole strings of years past.  Do not be fooled. Your interests as a resident need to be placed first. I have #NOSTRINGSATTACHED.  If necessary, I will pay the $3000 myself in order for my name on the ballot and receive your vote of confidence over the other candidates. I refuse to be bought.

Commissioner Uribe’s Host Committee List 

  • Four high-ranking corporate officers from Development corporations
  • One CEO of a California based investment firm
  • One VP of a major building materials corporation
  • A Walt Disney World Government Relations Representative
  • A Managing Partner of a Lobbyist firm complete with one Lobbyist
  • Attorneys specializing in land-use and government affairs
  • A President of a government consulting firm

Complete with elected public officials from the area that have likely received campaign contributions from the same individuals and entities in the past.

The “Establishment” is alive and well.

Every resident should be looking for ANY strings attached to candidates that could influence future decisions and affect their communities, our way of life. It’s now time for every resident to make a commitment, right now. A commitment to go vote for Bill Moore for Orange County Commissioner, District 3.

If you would like to help Bill get on the ballot, then consider making a small monetary contribution to his campaign by clicking on the Quick Contribute button in the upper right. Bill will need to pay $3000 to get his name on the ballot to help everyone. 

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Economic Recovery Task Force Meets May 6th

Economic Recovery Task Force Meets May 6th

The  Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force meeting will be held tomorrow, May 6th, at 2:00 PM. The Economic Recovery Work Groups have also been meeting over the past few weeks discussing how to re-open businesses in Orange County.

Senate Passes Economic Relief-CARES Act

Senate Passes Economic Relief-CARES Act

Read about individual and business economic relief, rebate check amounts. Senate passes 2 Trillion Dollar ‘Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act’’ ‘‘CARES Act.’’

Election Day 11/3/2020








District 3 Map - Zoom Capability

If you are wondering whether or not you reside within District 3, please click on the image above. 

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