Helping Orange CountyWe had another shooting in Orange County just after midnight at 2243 Silver Pines Place. By news accounts, we have had 8 shootings in Orange County since October 1, 2019 with 3 people being shot to death. In today’s early morning shooting, over 20 rounds were shot by a gunman. We are very lucky that no one was struck by a round in this incident. This is Orange County Commissioner Siplin’s district (southwest corner of Pine Hills Road/Silver Start). The border districts are District 2 to the west and District 5 to the east.

I commend Commissioner Siplin for asking the Sheriff the hard questions at the budget hearing on July 16, 2019. While the Sheriff commented that crime was down, Commissioner Siplin was correct to point out that violent crime was UP and referred to an OCSO slide showing it! She then asked the Sheriff what plans he had to reduce that crime. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office combined the values to show a 7% drop in “combined offenses.” However, the violent crime statistics show an increase in every category and an overall increase in “Total Violent” crime by 10%.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s response did not include plans to implement ShotSpotter to reduce violent crime involving gun violence. Even if the Sheriff doesn’t want to implement ShotSpotter, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners absolutely can implement this initiative to save lives and make communities safer. I don’t want to hear “We Can’t” when the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners have taken charge in their region. You can read their ordinance and cost proposal by clicking here.

As your County Commissioner for District 3, I will continue to expose shortfalls and WILL LEAD THE CHARGE! Please vote BILL MOORE for Orange County Commissioner on November 3, 2020.

As you probably know by now, ShotSpotter is a technology that triangulates where a gun was fired and silently dispatches deputies to the location to apprehend the shooter or even save an injured person on the scene. Both of these actions have occurred around the nation in cities and counties that use ShotSpotter.

See the Sheriff’s response to Commissioner Siplin 25:39 seconds into the presentation; here.

For more information about ShotSpotter Flex™ Gunfire Alert and Analysis Service visit


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