Campaign Kickoff - Tuesday, October 29th, The Waterfront

 I will be providing a road map for improvements in District 3 and for Orange County overall.

Leading The Charge To Save Lives

Leading The Charge To Save Lives

Another shooting in Orange County just after midnight on October 23rd. Eight shootings since October 1, 2019 with 3 people being shot to death.

Meet Bill Moore

Join Bill Moore, candidate for Orange County Commissioner, at Pine Castle’s 5th Annual National Night Out for the purpose of beautifying our neighborhoods by giving crime and drugs a going away party on October 1st, YMCA, 814 W. Oak Ridge Road, 5-8PM. Bill is the only Candidate for Orange County Commissioner, District 3 with substantial and actual experience in public safety.

Bill Moore, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner, District 3. The only candidate with actual public safety experience.

Bill Moore, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner, District 3.

First, I would like to say thank you for visiting the campaign website to learn more about me and why I am seeking your vote and the opportunity to serve as Orange County Commissioner for District 3. Quite simply, my emphasis remains on your safety and Orange County having lasting financial stability by spending responsibly and cutting waste. Fairness and consistency will allow Orange County to thrive.

I envision moving Orange County forward by initiating and supporting programs that provide for safer communities and sustained (responsible) economic growth in Orange County.  I will maintain the focus on Orange County initiatives that positively impact the public safety and welfare of our residents and visitors alike. I am not from another state or another city in Florida, but born and raised right here in Orlando – Orange County – in District 3.

I genuinely care about Orange County overall and look forward to earning your support; your vote.  This website allows you, the voter, to interact directly with me and my campaign team.  You can contribute to the campaign and show your support in so many ways, such as endorsing the campaign. I want to know about what issues are important to each of you, whether you live inside of District 3 or elsewhere in Orange County.

You can read my campaign platform by clicking here.

I encourage you to explore this website and learn more about me.  Please consider donating to the campaign.  Thank you.

Election Day 11/3/2020








District 3 Map - Zoom Capability

If you are wondering whether or not you reside within District 3, please click on the image above. 

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